I'm a seasoned creative with many years experience in senior-level design of digital, user experience and usability, branding, photography and post-production.
I've worked for some pretty cool brands from the big names to local mom & pops, freelancing from my home office or in-house at award-winning agencies.

I also run Paper Fox Studio, Stillpixels and shoot rockstars for fun.

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I've worked for these people

Just a small sample. Contact me to see the full private folio.

  • badjar ogilvy
  • big red group
  • bcm
  • clemmenger
  • dt digital
  • bcc
  • myer
  • bigpond
  • target
  • bunnings
  • cub
  • coles

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my hobby is cooler than your hobby probably

Sometimes I shoot rockstars

You can see some photos at stillpixels.com or on my flickr